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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
@ 5:04 PM

past few weeks, was awesome. semi-tiring too. Tests, tell me about it. *roll eyes*
i'd have to take a retest for my FTQ, which i'd failed for the 1st time.
i was kinda abit shocked to see a few familiar faces. Ayid, kandar. but it was cool, except that Ayid doesnt recognize me.
Explain ??
my colleagues and I shared a table with this malay guy from the outlet Sun Plaza,
ddint quite catch his name.
Feroz, Faris ? i dunno, it starts with an "F" though.
he was too fast, la. Hahaha. Bastard rite,
but hey, i'd passed my FTQ retest, 83% though.
Wan got 87%, wherelse Ozal got 97%.
Got a hella of a shock, they didnt even copied siaaaa!
which, i did btw. from that Feroz guy,
Thanks eh, Buddyy!
Speaking of CBTL, i'd had an important announcement to make,
I'd officially quit my job on the 20th of March 2007,
after offering 5 months 2 weeks of coffee-making.
my paents asked mt to, for stupid/funny reasons, really.
I'd partly mind, i'm tired of living independently.
I miss my 5 ft 4 inch ATM Bank (*Dad*)
Hahaaa, Really,
But firstly, i gotta put my price though.
He gotta pay for my monthly handphone bill, 3 subjects tutoring till my O's end, my weekend expenses. I gotta be selfish, for once.
Education-wise, i'm, finally!, back on trace. been getting good results, got 1st in class for an english compre, O levels standard. I'd passed my Maths common test.
my maths teacher was 'pleasantly suprised" as he described it.
Mind you, i'm not exactly the fastest learner, la.
i'm happy with my results, but i'll continue to strive for the better. =)
Social life-wise, the girlfrennx went out together on the 4th march.
asha, kin,wanee,rin,shira,ema. yan was not there, dunno why.
im sorry yea, yan. wasnt my fault. =(
it wasnt as fun. but it was fucking awkward.
i dun wanna talk about this, it makes me cringe.
so yeaah, that said, i end here with a "GOOD-BYE!!"

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Monday, February 19, 2007
@ 2:57 AM

Im kinda bored now,
i wanna work at CBTL Pahlawan Beach again.
hahas. im addicted.
the staff there rocks.
and i looove the manager(s).
Ross & Nana.
the bad thing(s) are;
the outlet slam giler.
i was in the gourmet room for about, 3 1/2 hours?
and PB doesn't even have a freakin' air-conditioner.
fucked up, rite?? hahaha.
but it was fun la.
i got the wondaaful chance to appreciate the beautiful peoples there.
i meant, the customers la, not the staffs.
hahah, the staff are... - no comments,people -
so yeah, that's all for nowww.

Watch This Space!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007
@ 4:29 PM

im curently doing my F&N coursework rite now.
but i thought, i'd like to blog too.
summary on my coursework.
im done with my task analysis, recipes, overall work plan, case study.
and halfway thru my research.
yeah, im on a roll.
im left wit 4 months doing this crappy coursework. hhaaahha.
well, anyways, saturday && sunday, im working at Pahlawan Beachhh!
hahah. my first time, huhh.
working wit a sebastian, a colleague that i missed oh-so-much!
im going with FXT's manager, Kak Nana.
which i think is the prettiest manager in Tanjong Pagar.
well anyways,
9th feb, was kinda scary for me too.
and no, i did not take my O level results, no.
im just getting restless waiting for the results for Kin.
but she got 18 for her L1R4.
i was fcuking happy for her.
proved her wrong. she was confident that she would fail.
aimed for 22 as her L1R4
so yeaa, kin. =) hoooray!
well, she did msged my Ibu. here goes.

Kin: " Ibu, org dah dapat results, dapat 18."

Ibu:" Pass ke fail tu? Dapat masuk Poly tak?"

Kin:"Dapat. Org dapat masok Poly ah, pass!"

Ibu:"Oh, whatever. Nak gi Carrefour?"

Haha. Truly Ibu!

So yeah, watch this space

there goes another chapter.. 4:29 PM

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
@ 4:39 PM

Yes, it's been 12 days since i've blogged.
But nonethelss, i was too busy, lah.
I had my GG camp on the 2nd-4th February at Jalan Bahtera.
which I totally dreaded, kinda turns out okay, i guess.
Why? Haha. simple. im alreday sec 5, The Senior,
therefore, i can just do whatever ithe fcuk i wanna.
hahaha! So yeah, i didnt went for that canoeing thingy.
I have a phobia against canoeing. and i hate seawater ???
hahahaha. whatever.
& i came up with the lamest excuse ever. seriously.
"Im having my PMS. Not feeling well!"
So yeah, thats camp.
And anyways, back to my girlfrennx.
We, actually, went out TOGETHER!
OMGGG. *roll eyes*
yes, it's suprising to me la. Cos u noe' as u can read from my tagbox.
we are falling apart. wanee notice that, so did i, so did kin, so did asha.
so yeah.
but really, it was kinda fun. like old times.
eatat pizza hut @ SP, shopping, joke around, walk-walk, go starbucks, chill out at Gap in front of Wisma Atria.
Starbucks : 2 Caramel Venti Fraps - Ema && Shira.
Vanilla Venti Frap - Kiddo Kin. Toffeenut Venti Frap - Rin-o.
Typically, it'll sum uip to $28.00
haha, true. But ofc course, its my treat.
here's a hint : when you go out with me, and if i wanna go starbucks. then goog golly, you'e in luck, cos i'll deffo. blanja u one. hahah. i love starbucks. and it helps to have someone enjoying it like i do.
yeaaa yeaa. tak jiwa coffeebean, blablablah. * roll eyes*
in case, u dunno, thats my current working place. whateveer.
But yeah, the girlfrennx and I had a hell of a great time.
we took about 74 pics using my phone, and about 40++ at shikin's?
camwhores, aper??
i dun wanna upload the pics cos' im too malas.
so wanna see the pics, u can see it thru my phone.
anyhuu, im gonna miss working, cos soon' i might quit or stay inactive for 6 months??
syeah, whatever. i went home last monday wih a colleague/old pri-sch mate.
Kandar. we went home togetha. we talk about alot of stuff.
hahaha. i knew i was crapping but he didnt mind, so yeah.
we talk. we fetch shikin. it was good. an old primary school mate.
the only one, i think. cos i've forgotten bout the others.
or, *ignore 'em when i see 'em outside*
really bad, but true. they've all changed. all fcuked-up.
so yeah, it was fun when it last.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007
@ 7:10 AM

Well, hello!
I've finished watching the 2nd league match. Singapore vs Malaysia.
Damn, think im losing my voice?? serak sia.
haha! ive been shouting la during the match. ahahah!
yes. we made it thru. ahhaha!
so, yeah. i love you, baihakki khaizan!!!
well, my plans fell thru today. raf malas wanna go far-far.
nehmind, and i cant go out with my CBTL colleagues. cos my Ibu thinks it's too late to go out. "Dah petang lah ni", said Ibu ku.
Hahaha! Not really, it was just going 7 only. *innocent smile*
but it's okay. Im going out tomorow with the Girlfrenxx.
Kin-kin wanna blanja us makan. Gaji dah keluar! HOHO!
Oh yeah, and she promise me a pair of Everlast pumps!!
Musn't let her forget that! Hahahahah!
So yeah, if the Girlfrennx can't go, then WTH. i dun give a damn. Just hope tht Yanto can come along ajer. Cos' I MISS HER like fcuk!
I've made my mark.
- loveyellow.

there goes another chapter.. 7:10 AM

Sunday, January 21, 2007
@ 5:40 AM

Yes, Im gonna do this survey.
Just to avoid doing my F&N.
50 typical question.
1. Are u photogenic?- I think I am. ?? =)
2.What time do you go to bed? 11pm-1 am everyday.
3. What was the last thing you did before this? msning with ayid.
4.Who's the one you always meet the most? family & friends.
5.Who's the person you'll call if you need help? carebear shikin!! =D
6.What's on your mind right now? uhh. nothing. completely blanked out.
7.What do you prefer? american idol/ malaysian idol? american idol! duhh-uh. i dun like malaysians!
8.With whom do you wanna be with to have fun? the girlfrenxx! & CBTL colleagues.
9.What movie do you wanna watch now? hmm. more scary movies la. wanna scream my ass out. ahahhaha.
10.When was the last time you went out? just now. on a shopping spree with Ibu & Aini. =)11.What do you hate the most for now? going to school. such a draggg. im too clever la, weii! =p
12.What do you do everyday besides eat and sleep? breath, sit. really! hahaha.
13.Colors that make you happy? yellow's a nice colour. bright. but no, purple & white!
14.Most fave thing in your room? my chocolate-smelling bodyshop perfume. hmm, niceeee.
15.Miss someone? everyone! especially YANTO & LOUIS!!
16.Plan to buy something? the rainbow shoeholes converse sneakers & an everlast pumps. =)
17.Are you satisfied with you life now? until yesterday, yes. im a satisfied girl!
18.Do you like seafood? - yup. nice.
19.Breakfast or dinner? whats the difference? its all food what.
20.Like chocolates? uhhhhh.????
21.Do you have a laptop? no. when im in poly, maybe??
22.Whats your favourite food from fast food? mushroom swiss & hershey pie from BK. =)
23.Cats or dogs? Both. rottweiler & persian cats. nice.
24.Salty or sweet? -sweet as candy.
25.City or country? -City. im an uptown girl, lurr.
26.Is kissing normal for your age? yeah, with the opposite sex, really. *winks*
27.Are you athletic? Can say ah.
28.Favourite bands for now? AFI, DHT
29.Do you have your own cell phone? don't everyone?
30.What do you wear to bed? oversized Ts.
31.Ever had a crush on a teacher in high school? NO! teachers = irritating assO's.
32.Coke or pepsi? pepsi1 less gassy. =)
33.Sugar or spice? Both.
34.Can you use chopsticks?No! ahha. I cant use both chopsticks, but i can use 1 to eat.
35.Do you care about getting good grades? yea. i wanna have a bright future!
36.Have you ever fallen asleep in class? like duhh, lotsa times.
37.Get a job or ask your parents for money? Both. get ur pay, keep. just ask daddy nice-nice for $$. works!
38.Is your mom strict? At times, really. but she just slacks lah. =)
39.Do your parents give you enough privacy? NO!
40.Do your parents trust you? i dunno. but they trust me more over shikin, anytime! hahaha. =)41.Would you ever wanna lose your best friend(s)? - NO! they rock big time!
42.Does your best friend(s) get on your nerves? not really, they'rr understanding.
43.Do you make friends quickly? No. people just hates my face. really. =[
44.Do you tell your mom everything? im close to her. why not??
45.What do you & your parents fight about most? about watching the TV, sometimes. hahaha!
46.If you love someone & she/he rejected u, what will u do to her/him? Cry. Smile. Move on. 47.Can you sing or rap? Sing- yeap. Rap- NO!
48.If you have one wish, who would u make ur wife/husband for life? Oralando Bloom. I'll cherish him like fuck! hahaah!
49.What do you think about this survey? Whatever.
50.Would you do another survey such as this? yeah. its an indirect thingy to let others know you more in-depth! =)
Now you have to ask 7 friends to do this survey on their blog.Write down their names below.

there goes another chapter.. 5:40 AM

@ 5:15 AM

Yes, I have not blogged for a long,long time. Thougth it was a waste of time, no ones gonna read it. I thought, anyways. But hey, at least it's better than having to talk to people who, come and go really. sad but true, =[. I just had to learn that the hard way.
At least, This blog's gonna be here for like, 10 years more to come. *i hope*
People just come and go, really. They used you,
to their advantage.
Things don't work out for the better, they just go. *poof away*
So, anyways, lots of things happened.
school was fine. can still cope it, suprisingly.
Just this girl, *S, a pain in da ass.
kept on crying over petty matters. and im running out of patience.
seriously. aha.
well, anyways.
catch few movies lately. the spirit of the victim. kuntilanak. the ghost game ?
it's all ghost movies la, basically.
fun, really. but you wud wanna watch this movies with someone like you. *faint-hearted*
not opposite of you.
that actually screams not LAUGH!
you know who the hell you are.
haha. really.
Well, anyways, about 2 days back, a flasher kinda came and a pay a visit. at 10 fucking AM.
to my house.
true, and that fucker flashes his ehemm *gun* ehemm. at my door!
at my mom, which got seriously affected. petrified.
duhh, she shouted like nobody's business. shikin woked up, panic la.
kena fever when she heard what my mum said. + plus she kinda see that fucker's shadow running away.
good thing i wasnt there really, just studying good ol' maths.
but really, this is the 2nd time already, and im seriously afraid of our safety.
like, duh-uhh.
fyi, we never did called the police. dont ask me why.
let's move on yes.
i saw Louis yesterday on the train towards marina bay.
gosh, i missed him aloooot.
i was on my way home. alone. from work.
was listening to sum songs. when i saw this chinese/hot guy walking towards me, smiling.
raising his head up as acknowledgement. *matrep-matrep, haiis*
i took a double look. i meant, ive never saw him for what, months?
damn. im so ecstatic to see him.
he looks gorgeous. i love his tattoos, anywyas. hot.
i knew i smiled so damn bright, like a dumbarse.
but nehmind, wrth it.
i got a chance to talk to him for 3 mins, cos he board at marsiling. and im alighitng at woodlands.
so, i asked him lotsa stuff.
kepo-kepo abit, ask about his girlfriend all, though i knew they broked up already.
NOT shikin, obviously. the newest one, *I,
was damn sedih to alight the MRT.
but then, he sms'ed me. and we taled about lotsa stuff that matters.
from 9.53pm - 1.02 am..
yeap, i do remember. =)
=D thats my life.
I've made my mark.

there goes another chapter.. 5:15 AM

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
@ 3:18 AM

Wanna say Thank-You to this people :
CBTL International Plaza.
&& more crappy ones.
for their birthday wishes for me.
Thank You!

there goes another chapter.. 3:18 AM


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